Friday, May 14, 2010

Sweet Little Girl

So it seems that once per year (or more) I come across an animal in extreme need. They always seem to know where to find me. Why is that? I truly believe that the Twilight Bark is alive and well in Peach County, GA - dogs and cats everywhere are passing the word. "Hey, those Hiley's know how to fix some groovy kibble. Here's their address..."
On my way to work yesterday morning I was about to turn left onto the interstate. I was sitting on an overpass. I noticed two men standing on the bridge, one of them was holding a puppy. Of course, the puppy had my attention, but just then I saw something bouncing around in the tall grass on the shoulder of the bridge, another puppy! This one was chained (yes, CHAINED!) to the metal guard rail about three feet from the right lane of traffic. I'm about to scream at the men when the my light turns green and the person behind me beeps his horn. Unable to do much of anything else, I called in the rescue squad, AKA, my mom, and she promptly drove over, saved the day, and delivered the chained puppy to the vet's office. Sweet Girl is six months old, has been spayed, and has begun her shots. She had a bath today and sat in the hammock with my kids. She is absolutely a love.
Ava is not real sure of her, and Amber could care less. Amber knows she's the boss and is not at all worried about this little docile girl. Just thought I'd share our new found sweetheart. Names, anyone?

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