Thursday, August 5, 2010

Trouble One and Trouble Two...

Actually, it's Trouble Two and Trouble Three...
Ava, our adolescent hound dog, has the nickname 'Two,' and Lucy, our toddler mutt dog, has the nickname 'Three.' This simply refers to their placement in our home. Amber, our greyhound, is 'One,' though we hardly ever call her that.
So, today Two and Three decided to sneak out of our very finely fenced backyard for the third time this week. The second time was just this morning! Not to give the gorey details, but it was a close call that both arrived back safe at home. Ava nearly had a fatal encounter with a semi-truck. I think I'm still in shock... and they are both tired, but fine.
So, I took the camera out into the newly secured backyard and took some pictures. As you can see, Lucy, the brown one with the crooked lip, is showing no remorse. Ava looks a little more concerned. Blue, the cat, was just sitting there and looked cute. I couldn't resist. :)
Hopefully tomorrow they will be Good Two and Good Three...wishful thinking.

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